At the rear of The Robin Hood there is a very large function which can be booked for special events, meetings, private parties, receptions, etc.


Equipped with a projector on a large 4 meter x 2 meter screen, as well as surround sound, the function room is well-suited for many events - particularly sports. The Robin Hood Tavern will host such events in this room from time to time, and invite guests to come and view their favorite teams on one of the largest indoor screens in Pattaya.


As a large and open private space, our function room is also well-suited for business meetings, luncheons, and all sorts of catered events. Customers will have the option to rent this space and bring in their own catered food, or opt for a package deal that includes catering by Robin Hood Tavern Chefs.


As already mentioned, the size as well as the audio/visual equipment within, also makes our function room an ideal location to rent for private parties or receptions.

Please Contact us for more details